Christmas is Coming

The orphanage trip to the zoo is scheduled in the beginning of December. The kids will be out of schoolzoo-entrance and the weather will be dry. Both the kids and the staff are looking forward to this; neither have ever been to the zoo before. Thanks!!!! to all of you who have donated to make this trip possible. I hope to get plenty of photos to share.

It is the beginning of October and just yesterday we saw Christmas stuff being put out at one of our local stores. I say we but it was really my wife whose attention was snagged. Mother of 18 and grandmother of 35”with a husband w1676052ho doesn’t particularly like Christmas. (I have fond memories of High Mass on Christmas Eve with the incense, the priests colored vestments and other regalia of spirituality. I love the story of Christmas; its the stuff that gets to me.) Vicki has always been the one to get Christmas together ”by that I mean the presents. She also has the same responsibility for the kids at the orphanage. They are her kids and she makes sure they have Christmas every year. Being the delegator that she is, she told me to write this blog to get you thinking about the kids at the hogar.

Giving to a child in the third world is not like giving to one of your own children. We don’t want to create unrealistic expectations. We’ve heard stories of children who have graduated from Guatemalan orphanages and had a very difficult time settling back into the poverty of real third world life. A few carefully chosen items which include clothes/shoes and an educational toy or two is about right. Of course, cash is the easiest thing for us to use, but we do have a few teams coming down before Christmas that might be able to take your gifts.

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