We got a call from CNA (the government body in charge of orphanages) about a child that actually fit our profile.  He was an eight year old boy from the city with a nebulous background.  We said yes, we’d take him.  And when he came we found out about his tragic baggage.  Emerson was on all kinds of psychiatric medicines for all kinds of disorders.  I suspect that he was being medicated into submission which is common in our country and apparently in the third world as well.  

A couple of days later one of our friends with another hogar posted that they were being bo18426944_807355286099003_1548443878_ombarded with calls from the courts.  This came after a quiet lapse of several months.  It turns out that many of the children that were sent back to the homes after the fire at the large, overcrowded city orphanage, are now being turned back in to the government.  (Go back several blogs to see what I’m talking about.)  And it turned out that Emerson came from there as well.

It was only after Emerson showed up at our doorstep that we were told of his rather serious psychiatric disor18426457_807355229432342_1639920241_oders.  This deceptive strategy (lying about the background of the children they want to get rid of) by the courts is common.  While it is too early to tell whether Emerson’s acting out behavior is abnormal, our primary responsibility is to the children that are already in our home.  Every child that comes to us has some kind of challenge; that is the nature of orphanage work in Guatemala.  Our psychologist took him to Solola’ for an evaluation and the doctors changed some of his meds.  We’ll see what happens.

We can’t help feel sorry for children with such a background.  These are society’s throwaway children and very few people care.  Please pray with us as we assess whether his behavior will stabilize enough for us to keep him.

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