Mamas & Tots Program


Feed a mother and child for $30 a month.

Our goal:  To provide nutrition to mothers and their children through weekly feedings of nutritional supplements and infant formula, and to educate them on basic health.

We began this program when a relative of one of our employees lost a newborn because the mother could not produce breast milk and did not have the money to buy formula. Like her, many of the mothers in Guatemala simply do not receive the nutrition they need to be able to breastfeed and the cost of infant formula is financially out of reach.

Once a week:

  1. A nutritious meal is prepared for mothers and their children who are too young for school. There are never any leftovers!
  2. Formula is distributed to at-risk infants whether or not the mother is breastfeeding because the health of the mothers is so volatile. Toddlers are given a high calorie soy-oat supplement as well.
  3. We provide basic classes for adult women on staying healthy while they are pregnant and/or breast feeding. These classes also provide instruction on basic reading and writing as well as the benefits of living Christian values.

Your help is needed to break the cycle of poverty and infant mortality due to insufficient nutrition. You can donate cash, formula, or sponsor a mother and her children for $30 a month.

Help save a young child's life!

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