Our Mission, Vision & Values

values_kidOur mission:  To enhance the lives of Guatemala’s least fortunate children by nourishing their bodies as well as their minds with nutritional, educational and medical initiatives. To also facilitate emergency relief to surrounding communities suffering from natural and man-made disasters.

Our vision:  To move from community to community, as we gather support, in the poor Highlands of Central America administering our programs.

Our values:  To create a minimal amount of dependency. We want to help this next generation become healthier, wiser and more self-reliant, so they can become better able to care for themselves and their children.

However, helping in a third world country is complicated. We have learned from experience that it is difficult to figure just how to help, especially if you don’t want to create dependency. Many of these people are living in the 18th and 19th century, and there is no single or simple thing you can do to move them into the 21st century. It is a slow process and is best done through the children who are more flexible intellectually and emotionally.

“If you as a community are willing to put resources into this project, then we will do the same. But if you don’t value the project enough to lobby the community to support it, and if the local people are not willing to pitch in with some of their resources, then this tells us the motivation is not there to make it succeed.”
– John Wood, “Creating Room To Read”

The problems in this country, which are centuries old, are too big for us to change overnight. It will be the next generation—the children we are helping—that will change the future for the Highlands community. Hence our programs are concentrated on the children. We do not discriminate with regard to sex and want all young girls to have the same opportunities as their brothers. It is obvious that as mothers they will do more to shape the future of their country than any other single factor.

With this in mind we have these basic types of programs:

  1. Formative/Critical Years:  We give out nutritional supplements to pregnant and nursing mothers, formula to infants and nutritional supplements to young children. We want to eliminate the devastating physical and mental stunting that is so common in this area. So much critical developmental goes on during these first few years and can be lost for life without the proper nutrition.
  2. Educational Opportunity:  We provide tutoring during the primary grades and scholarships to older children to open the window of opportunity that would otherwise be shut for life.
  3. Charity:  We give out shoes and clothing as available to the neediest communities. We host medical and dental teams to provide free services in remote locations.
  4. Orphanage:  We combine the three programs above to children assigned to us through the courts.

How your donations are used. There are many stories of non-profits whose overhead runs 60%-70%. This is tragic for the folks needing the help and deceptive to the folks wanting to give help. Casa de Sion is fortunate to have virtually no US overhead, and all of us work without salary from Safe Homes for Children, our US non-profit organization. You can be assured when partnering with us that your money will be going into programs in one of the neediest areas of the world and not into someone’s pockets. Many NGOs don’t care about this, but we do. We are here for the long haul. We want your trust and to get it, we must be honest and transparent.


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