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Our orphanage in Guatemala currently houses almost 20 children. We are enhancing and added on to the facilities with the goal of housing up to 50.

Your donations to the orphanage help to fund:

  • Formula, Incaparina (a soy-oat supplement) and other foods we can not grow in our organic garden.
  • Nannies and other care givers
  • Doctor visits, hospital fees and specialty therapy
  • Court costs and legal fees
  • Facility updates and construction

Since adoptions to outside countries ceased in 2008 the number of orphanages has dropped from over 500 to 131. Obviously, these remaining orphanages are overburdened. Orphanages serve the purpose of our US foster care system taking in abused and neglected children.

The same pitiful conditions that supplied these orphanages with babies and children continues and many children living with only one parent are especially vulnerable. The most common reasons for the courts to take children are parental alcohol and drug addiction or death of a caregiver. Sexual abuse is also very common. Mothers, too poor to support another mouth, will sometimes leave their newborns at the hospital, on the side of the road or even at the garbage dump. Abandoned children are ubiquitous in larger cities, surviving however they can. The abandoned babies and children, that are lucky, are assigned to orphanages.

Examples of the types of children we see in these poor communities that need to be in orphanages.

  • Carla, as a six week old, was offered for sale to us for $2500. We provided her clothing and formula, but she ended up being hospitalized for failure-to-thrive. We paid her hospital bill, but she needed to be in an orphanage where someone cared about her welfare.
  • Juanito, a young boy whose father killed his mother. The father is in hiding and does not care for him. Juanito walks over two miles a day to get to our feeding program.
  • Angel, a handicapped child who received a wheelchair and special medical services from us. He lives with his two sisters while both his parents work in the United States. The thirteen year old sister, now head of the family, dropped out of school and barely missed being raped by one of the neighbors. In our orphanage Angel could get the special attention he needs, and his sisters could remain in school and live in safety.

Stories like these are plentiful and there is no question that our orphanage, Hogares Seguros Para Niños, will be full in no time.

Please consider a donation to the Orphanage fund today...your dollars go a long way!

Donate to the Orphanage fund!

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