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19859316_841045812729950_2060823331_o11204455_10153578199491294_8742176551510179972_nWith the things that we had learned in mind, we have trimmed our outreach programs to critical periods in a child’s life when the damage from neglect would be irreversible.  Such is the Moms & Tots milk giveaway.  If infants do not get proper nutrition during that critical first year of life, the brain damage is permanent.  We have seen too many of these heartrending, handicapped children.  And because of the local poverty some mothers do not have breast milk and their children would die without our formula.  Such is the case when grandmothers are raising grandchildren because the mother has taken off.  In many cases it is a lifesaver because the cost of formula is far beyond the income of many of these local folks.  We have been told over and over how important this program is to the local people we help.

Our sch19620354_10155669110541294_3698916562111764372_oolarship program provides an education during middle and high school that is not free and many parents cannot afford.  It is the gift of opportunity for these children.  A high school degree is roughly equivalent to a college degree in the States and does open doors.  It teaches children how to read and think and engage their culture.  We also ask that these children pay us back by donating some time helping at the orphanage.

Of course, our many medical teams reach into these very poor communities and give the gift of health that we take for granted and these folks cannot afford.  Sometimes the doctors are curing diseases; other times they are saving lives.  Thank you very much for all you do! 

And our orphanage is a home to children that literally have no home or have been seriously abused at home.

If we had:

$10/month it would pay for a can of formula for one baby to supplement nursing or you can collect cans yourself and send them to us.  Be cognizant of the expiration date.  You will be saving a baby from mental retardation or possibly saving their life.  

$30/month it would pay for one more scholarship for a deserving child during middle school.  It is opening the window of opportunity to that child whose parents probably did not go beyond second grade.

$200+/month it would allow us to go to one more community with our Moms & Tots Program, helping numerous babies.  We would want a year commitment and will create a program to fit your budget.  This is great as a family or group project.

$200/month will allow up to hire the social worker one more day per week.  In addition to helping the orphanage run smoother, she will be able to go into rural communities and schools with an anti-trafficking program. 

$300/month will sponsor the cost of one child in the orphanage.  This will allow us to say Yes the next time the court asks us to take a child that needs a home. mamas-tots/mama-tots-donation-form/

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