Alexander Mendes

  • Alexander Mendes

Alexander Mendes is dedicated to helping his family and it is what drives him to get an education. He is polite, understanding, and has a great attitude concerning his future. He does not hesitate to tell you that he wants an education to help his family.

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Basic Information
Name: Alexander Mendes Morales Cruz
Age: 16
Running water: Yes
Indoor bathroom: No
How many live in the house: 12
Number of beds: 4
Does the house leak in the rainy season? Yes
How do you cook? Fire and hot plate
Where do you cook? Inside

Family Background
Parental education level of mother: 2nd grade
Parental education level of father: 5th grade
Who does the beca student live with? Parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters
Educational level of others in the house: None
Parental income: 600 Q (roughly $78.00)
Type of work of household members: They get work as they find it (nothing permanent)
Do they receive funds from other sources? No
Who is supportive of the child going to school? Mom and Dad
How are they supportive? They want him to have an education
What is the age of the youngest girl who lives in the house who has had a baby? 24
Is she married? No

Aspirations of the Student
Why does the student want an education? To have money and become a respectable person
Is there pressure for the student to drop out of school and get a job? No

About Me
What is your favorite food? Beans
What do you do for fun? Play soccer
What do you want to do when you grow up? He wants to be a tour guide to help his brothers and sisters get jobs

  • Date: May 11, 2015

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