Elmer Sebastian

  • Elmer Sebastian

Elmer does not have a father at home but has the examples of his older siblings who know the importance of education. He wants to follow after them and go to college to help his mother and grandparents.

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Basic Information
Name: Elmer Sebastian
Age: 16
Running water: No
Indoor bathroom: No
How many live in the house: 6
Number of beds: 3
Does the house leak in the rainy season? Yes
How do you cook? Fire
Where do you cook? Inside

Family Background
Parental education level of mother: 3 years
Who does the beca student live with? Mom (widowed) and Grandparents
Educational level of others in the house: Brother has some college and sister has finished some years of school
Parental income: 300 Q (roughly $39.00)
Type of work of household members: Dress sellers
Do they receive funds from other sources? No
Who is supportive of the child going to school? Family
How are they supportive? They give school supplies

Aspirations of the Student
Why does the student want an education? To help his family
Is there pressure for the student to drop out of school and get a job? No

About Me
What is your favorite food? Vegetables
What do you do for fun? Soccer
What do you want to do when you grow up? Tour guide or painter

  • Date: January 20, 2016

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