Pascuala Mendez

  • Pascuala Mendez

Pascuala is 14 years old and hopes to make her dream of becoming a teacher a reality by getting an education.

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Age: 14
Running water: yes
Indoor bathroom: yes
How many live in the house: 9
How many beds: 3
How do you cook: Metal plate over wood fire
Where: Inside

Family Background
Parental education level of mother: 2nd grade
Parental education level of father: 1st grade
Who does the beca student live with?: Parents and siblings
Educational level of others in the house: Only grade school
Parental income: 500 Q (roughly $65.00)
Type of work of household members: Day laborer and housewife
Do they receive funds from other sources?: No
Who is supportive of the child going to school?: Both parents

Aspirations of the Student
Why does the student want an education?: To accomplish my goals and make my dreams come true.
Is there pressure for the student to drop out of school and get a job?: Some, because of lack of financial resources

About Me
What is your favorite food?: Golden fried chicken
What do you do for fun?: Play basketball
What do you want to do when you grow up?: Be a teacher

  • Date: April 18, 2016

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