Saving Lives  Thru Eagle Scout Projects and Personal Progress Projects

We in the United States take for granted the social safety net that undergirds our society and protects the poor and needy.  The WIC (Women, Infants & Children) program will give formula to any newborn whose parents are in economic need.  But in the 3rd world there is no such thing as WIC.  There are no safety nets.  In rural Guatemala—labelled by the UN as an area of chronic malnutrition—where our programs are located there are infants that die because the mother does not have breast milk.  It makes sense that if the mother is severely malnourished, then she might not have milk or enough milk to feed her newborn.  It was the death of a newborn where the mother did not have milk and could not afford to buy formula that triggered the creation of this program.  It was hard to us to comprehend that some of God’s children should die because of something that we take for granted.
In rural Guatemala surveys show that an average subsistence farming family lives on a dollar or two a day.  Needless to say, formula at $10/small can is out of reach.  And more common that death is mental retardation.  You see it in children wandering the streets with misshapen heads and facial features.  It’s heartbreaking.
For years now we have been reaching into these poor communities with our Moms & Tots Program distributing formula to infants one year or less and incaparina (a soy-oat based nutritional supplement) to pre-school children.  One of our primary sponsors have been Boy Scouts reaching for their Eagle and young women achieving their Personal Progress award.  We have one or two outstanding teenagers each year that help us defray part of the costs of this outreach programs, which can easily be several hundred dollars per distribution.
We have many communities begging us to come into them with this program.  But obviously it can be expensive.  With Christmas and the end of the year giving soon to come into focus, would you consider making a pledge or a monthly pledge?  What about getting together as a family or extended family and making a commitment for a year?  We will find a community to fit your budget.  If you are a young man reaching for his Eagle and wanting to make a real difference, we will explain how those in the past have raised from 200 to 600 cans of formula.  And just this year our granddaughter brought several hundred cans down to climax her Personal Progress.
For as little as $10/month you can make all the difference in a child’s life.

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