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Irvin, our director, is busy now; it is the height of our season of volunteer teams.  We sometimes have two teams at once: one staying at the orphanage and one at our house at Lomas—the gated community.  We try to make each team’s visit a memorable experience.  These teams are the financial base of all of our work in Guatemala. 

Experiencing third-world life can have a profound effect on your perception of what life is all about.  We here in the States are so busy living our own lives, with our own concerns, that it never enters our minds that some people wake up no knowing what they are going to eat that day because they don’t have money or food.  Food stamps—or anything like it—don’t exist in Guatemala.  While we can’t help everyone, the children at the hogar get three meals a day, and mother’s programs bolsters the nutrition of newborns and keeps babies from starving to death because grandmothers raising infants cannot afford formula.

NeedlessFAQsmain to say, medical care is financially beyond many people and even if they were to see a doctor, they could not afford medicine.  Our medical teams go into the nooks and crannies of this rugged area giving first-world medical care and medicine without cost.  They literally save some lives and enhance the health of many others. 

Education is one of the most important challenges facing rural Guatemala.  Our scholarship program is a ticket to a brighter future in a dark and clouded land.  We take our children’s education for granted here in the States but in Guatemala only the primary grades are “free.”  The scholarships you provide are literally the Gift of Opportunity for these children.  Ultimately, these children will grow up and make their way in the world; being able to read and write and think will make all the difference in their lives.  

For the many people that we employ—whether full-time or part-time—their job is a lifesaver.  Jobs are hard to find.  We all know what a paycheck can do to your self-esteem—not to mention the simple matter of being able to pay the bills.  

For the many of you that support the work in Guatemala we want to say THANKS!  On behalf of the many that are helped at the orphanage and our outreach programs, we want to say thanks.  Your financial support is vital.  The supplies you bring down—especially those suitcases of infant formula—are literally the gift of life.  Everything in our bodega is donated.  THANK YOU.  And to remind you again, we do not use any of your donated money for ourselves.  God has blessed our business as we help those in need and we pay all of our own expenses.  AGAIN, THANK YOU!

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