The End of the School Year

In a couple of weeks the Guatemalan school year will end. This recess lasts from mid October till earlier January when children (and their paren20158186_845010102333521_1780089690_nts) will again be coming to us, hoping to get a scholarship for middle or high school. The parents of these children have an average of two years of school (that first and second grade) and the household income is usually around a dollar or two a day. Many families survive off subsistence farming. This means they have a garden plot the size of many backyards where they grow corn and black beans. Getting an education is a necessary ticket out of this dire poverty. In terms of the doors that it will open, a high school degree in Guatemala is roughly equivalent to a college degree in the States.

Irvin, our director, has been very busy hosting teams most of the summer, but he will be sending us photos and bios of the children receiving scholarships and we will be putting them on Facebook. Over the next few weeks you will be able to see the many grateful children who are at the receiving end of your generosity. You are giving them the gift of opportunity. It is difficult to explain the difference your charity will make in the lives of these children. There are no other NGOs (non-profit organizations) working in the rural areas that we call home.

For $30/month you can send a child to middle school. This covers tuition for both school and the after-sch19620354_10155669110541294_3698916562111764372_oool typing classes.

We buy books, uniforms and such as needed. Again, there is no overhead so each dollar you give goes into this program. If you are currently giving, we ask you to continue. If you’re not currently giving and you feel that internal tugging around your heart, give in and sponsor a child for the year ahead. We always have more children asking than we do scholarships.

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