Update on the Well

Vicki and I have been very busy.  We have been celebrating our 40th–13 months late.  We’ve been on the road for almost two weeks now and I will catch you up on that in the next blog.
Just before Christmas our well-drilling crew hit water at about 20 meters down.  And then everyone takes off time for the holidays in Guatemala.  And the run-of-the-mill laborers are just glad to have work so that they have money to buy those little extras that make Christmas special.
Several days after the New Year they started working again.  The underground spring that they hit was not substantial enough so we are figuring at least another five meters.  And of course they charge more when they are working in the water.  (I don’t blame them, working in the three foot wide hole seventy feet down.)  They hit rock along with the water and so it has been very slow going.  The word is that the digging crew expects to find enough water underneath these rocks.  If not they will keep on digging.
So keep praying!

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