Well . . . ?

It’s a deep subject indeed.  We have a hole approximately three feet wide and a 100 feet deep dug by hand.  The last ten feet were chiseled through solid rock and we were promised that water was just underneath but what we found instead was another rock.

More water at the hogar is desperately needed.  There is not enough for the children, regular maintenance, the laundry and the visiting teams.  We are currently supplementing our old well with water from the community but it’s still not enough when teams arrive.  Irvin has had to have water trucked in and there is still not enough.  And the biggest loser has been our vegetable gardens that are seriously suffering.  Unless we can find more water we will not continue growing our own vegetables when the dry season arrives in October.

Tremors from an earthquake many months ago cracked the cement culverts lining our origiHand_Dug_Wells_0091_DJFsnal well, which was about 70 feet deep.  We patched those cracks thinking that’s what the problem was, but water did not return to its previous level.  Then we started hearing rumors this problem was common all over the area.  Most blamed it on the feeble precipitation during the last two rainy seasons.  With a donation from a visiting team we started this new well . . . . and we finally gave up.

We priced a drilled well which are common in the States but that will cost over $25,000 with no guarantee of water.  Abinady, a local building contractor and president of the corporation of the orphanage, suggested we do the hand dug well again.  We spent over fifteen hundred dollars and it was a bust.

Our current strategy is to increase the depth of our original well, hoping to again tap into that underground stream of water.  We will begin this project once we have a break in the volunteer teams, which fund the operation of the orphanage and the outreach programs.  

Our only other option if this does not work is to begin a well on the second level down where the gardens are.  The problem with this choice is that the well and pump will be too far away from the hogar for the necessary supervision.  The current well is next to the perimeter wall and it has already been stolen twice.  On the second level we are afraid that theft will be a constant problem.  

Please pray with us for guidance and water.  

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